What is the Orpius Platform?

The Orpius Plaform is an Autonomous Business Operations Platform (ABOP) that's at work managing your business operations even while you sleep.

It is a complete reimagining of how work is orchestrated and executed, unleashing the potential of AI agents and human workers.

Increased Productivity

24/7 Operations. Consistent performance without breaks or downtime. The platform can manage long-running tasks and ensures they are completed without interruption.

Cost Efficiency

The platform optimizes resource allocation. Increasing workloads without the need for proportional increases in staff, reducing labour cost.

Competitive Advantage

The platform adapts to changing conditions; reassigning tasks as required, to get the job done. With AI handling operational tasks you can focus on innovation and growth.

How it works

Experience the future of workplace ecosystems with the Orpius Platform!


Start with a prompt, inputting your desired outcomes, specific tasks, and the schedule you wish to follow.

Task Assignment

The platform delegates tasks to both human and AI agent team members, while considering the capabilities of participants and your organisation’s oversight policies.


Many tasks execute in full autonomy. Everything from data analysis and processing, security system monitoring, or customer interaction; the platform handles everything with minimal oversight. Leaving you to focus on the things that only you can do.


Based on a definable schedule, the platform coordinates tasks autonomously without requiring constant human intervention.

Monitoring and Adjustment

Throughout a process, the Orpius platform monitors performance and task outcomes. If any deviations or inefficiencies are detected, the system dynamically adjusts the operations and reroutes task execution accordingly.

About us

We are a start-up dedicated to unleashing the transformative power of AI.

We're ushering in a new era of business operations where an AI and human workforce can seamlessly blend, leading to efficiency and high growth.

Our experience spans years of crafting process management systems and delivering market-ready products across industries.

Our Mission

Is to equip you with the cutting-edge platform on which to build your enterprise, with a minimum head count, concentrating your growth potential.

With the Orpius platform, your AI advantage grows from being just a co-pilot, to the pilot, navigating complex tasks and driving your operations towards success—all while you sit back and watch your goals being achieved effortlessly.

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